Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hey Mark, FUCK YOU!

Hey Mark, thanks again for taking a big 1% pay cut. You're a team player, aren'tcha? We're all taking a 5% cut. So either give us all outsized stock options (hey, fucker, the stock is about worthless now, might as well spread it around a bit), or step up and suck it up.

Not that you give a shit about history, but we do have these guys who founded HP called Bill and Dave. I think you mentioned them once 4 years ago when you got here.

Anyway, Bill and Dave loved the company and for them, success enough was success.

What would Bill and Dave do?


Surely, money came their way. You are a greedy son'of'a'bitch.

Fuck You Mark!

Bill and Dave took no money when times were tough. They had millions in the bank and thought it was tastless to make money off the backs of hard working folks.

Your $40 million, Mark, spread across the roughly 100,000 folks that work at HP is about $400 a person. Maybe you don't know it but that's a month of college tuition for someone with a kid in school, half a month's rent or mortgage payment, or two months of car payments. It's also about 10% of the


Hey Mark, listen up asshole. How about taking a 80% overall pay-cut and doling it out to the rest of us? Call it 80/20. You give up 80%, we work hard for you, and reduce our pay cut by about 20%.

But you're so smart, and I'm just a regular guy. Maybe I just don't get it...

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