Saturday, March 7, 2009

The $100 Billion of FUCK YOU MARK HURD

Can you believe that HP is a $100 Billion company?

Can you believe that a complete fucker like Mark Hurd runs it?

He's done a good job of cutting costs, and also done a great job (have you noticed?) of completely destroying one of the pillars of HP: It's culture and talent.

Given the change to disguise it up as "bad economic times," Mark "FUCK YOU" Hurd decided to give us all a pay-cut. Hey Mark, FUCK YOU.

Why didn't you just tell us to quit and leave?

Well, payback is always a bitch. When this economy turns around, you'll see parachutes popping as the best and brightest high-tail it off this sinking albatross.

Profits and P/E will improve for awhile. Then Mark will disappaear, conveniently before the stock price crash. Just as the ex-Commander in Clown (aka McCain's "economic expert" Fiorina) sits and takes credit for HP's rise, Hurd will unload all his shares after leaving because he knows the fall is coming - and he wants to get out before it happens.


and most of all


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