Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fuck Mark's Hurd's "Moment"

Hey guess what? Our favorite suck-ass CEO was on the cover of Business Week.

Business Week? Wow, you really have to suck some ass to get on the cover of that! I guess he also made it onto another employee-friendly magazine, Fortune. These guys fucking LOVE MARK. The people who read Business Week and Fortune make a living by screwing the little guy. And it looks like they're welcoming Mark to the club.

Hey Business Week...Hey Fortune about you go FUCK OFF!? And while you're fucking off, go watch Jon Stewart telling Kramer what's up! You fucking magazines and the whole financial press were laying in bed with these weasel CEO's while they were building a house of cards. FUCK YOU for not calling it out! Because we sure are fucked now, aren't we?

Oh yeah, and Mark, nice work getting on the cover. They thought you were genius for getting employees to take a pay cut. Surely you must pat yourself on the back every night. For that, Mark, FUCK YOU!

1 comment:

  1. Fuck you Mark I hope they fuck you hard and hurts Mr.Hurd. I am an exemployee, took off from HP like a year a go when I predicted all this shit was gonna happened. But if the head of the business is selfish like these motherfuckers from HP nothing is ever gonna change. I am sure the manager for costa rica still comes in one his different 100 thousand $$ cars every day ans that he is still parking sideways using two car spots for his own. DONT FUCK WITH PEOPLEs LIFES!!! They arent just numbers! ohh yeah almost forgot FUCK YOU MAREK HURD.