Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fuck Mark Hurd and Fuck Google For Not Letting Me Fuck Mark Hurd!

I just received a note from Google.

Advertising for this site has been suspended

I have officially pissed off Mark Hurd. So much so, that he's set his minions into motion to shut me down. Hey Mark, Fuck YOU. And FUCK YOU for trying to Shut me down!

We have the First Amendment here in the USA. It says we have the freedom of speech. I promise I will not profane the first amendment. But I lean on you, First Amendment, for my strength and unwaveringness, as I illuminate the truth about the robber-barons of today's society. Mark Hurd is just a half-step away from the looters that are running AIG who are stealing taxpayer money with their bonuses.

HP is the same thing. HP is an employee owned and operated company. And fucking Mark "The Turd" Hurd is trying to steal that away from the people of HP. Fuck you Mark!

The guy makes over 30 million a year - he can fuck me if he wants. Hey Mark, FUCK YOU!

And if you think you can fuck me, well, FUCK YOU because I hope you 're a bigger man than that.

So why did Google shut me down? Fear of Mark Hurd and his millions of HP advertising dollars? Fear of offending a tech heavyweight? What is Google afraid of? Whatever Google is afraid of - we should all be afraid of...... 1984. Censorship. Ideaspeak. No dissent.

Watch out - Bush almost made it happen - Google might be able to pull it off...

Here are their reasons:

(Personally, I can't blame Google, as they have to suck up to their advertisers. Fortunately for us, the Fuck You Mark Hurd message is out. Pandora is out of her Fucking Box Mark! From here, asshole, it's all down-hill. And we all know powerful people fight the hardest when they realize they're on the way out. This means, of course, that I'm fucked. But the truth will find the light. Make me a Martyr, Hurd. I fucking dare you!)

1- Inappropriate "anti" content. But their definition of "Anti" content has to do with race/gender/sexual orientation. I'll say it here: I don't give a shit who or what Mark fucks, I still want to tell him to fuck off. In fact, as far as I know, he's a father to his kids and has a loving wife and family. "So There Google," I'm Pro-Mark-Hurd's-Family. They're probably amazing people and deserve all the dignity and respect in the world. I also deleted a few "off" comments about Mark that had nothing to do with the fact that as a CEO and President and Chairman, he's a complet (as the French would say) fuck. So lets get this straight: Mark Hurd - you are a complete fucker for what you've done to HP and HP Employees and the Families of HP Employees and the Contractors of HP and families of Contractors of HP and the SubContractors of HP and the families of Subcontractors of HP. Hey Mark, wake the fuck up. These are real fucking people. And you are fucking all of them. Majorly. Take some of your huge fucking massive bonus that you've squeezed from the stone and give it back!

2. Offensive Material. Well, fuck, yes, my material is supposed to be fucking offensive. When you type in "Mark Hurd Fucker" I want my site to show up. I guess in the Google World of the internet, this shit doesn't fly. I call it Censorship.

The Solution: Let's Bypass Google and their advertising. Let's make this site popular with just typing "Mark Hurd" into Google.

So what do we all do to drive traffic to this site? (Note, this is self-serving, but if you think I'm in this for ego or selling one or two coffee mugs a year, well, you aren't getting it.)

The Solution: Make this site popular. On your sites, love this site. Link this site.

Web Browsing? Bookmark this site, and come back to this site often.

Hey Google, don't you promise in your mission statement to "Do No Evil?" Well check this shit against your ethical watch-dog: you're shuttin' me down - meanwhile, people are loving my site.

People love what I'm saying: That the CEO's out there today are sticking it to the man. That the excesses of the past generation are evil and we won't stand for this.

And the best way I know how to do this is to let everyone know how much of a fucker Mark Hurd has been to HP.

Oh, and if no one loved this site - I promise you wouldn't try to shut it that means its working....

Hey Google! Hey Fucking Mark Hurd! Catch-22. Catch The Fuck You Twenty Two Mark Hurd. You Fucking Suck!


  1. Fucking Google! Total Fucking Mark Hurd. Mark Hurd is a fucking asshole who just wants to squeeze every cent out of HP for his bonuses. He doesn't give a shit about any of the people. HP is the most anti-fucking-american company there is. He wants to move as many jobs to India, China, and Taiwan as possible. The fucker lays people off in the US and at exactly the same time hires people on low wage countries. I'm not against doing work overseas, but Mark Fucking Hurd is unbelievable.

  2. Hurd is finally making his plan known. He sold a crap load of company stock on August 25th. So did Cathy Lesik or whatever her name is. They cashed in about 5 million total. His goal was to layoff everyone, move all jobs overseas, jack up the stock price and cash it all in. He is one of the good ole boys. He will rape and pillage this company till nothing is left. We just did our company survey and I ripped him a new one. I have been trying to find a new job but the market is tough. Thanks Hurdy Turdy for ruining all of our lives while you reap the benefits. Sorry SOB.