Monday, March 9, 2009

Other bloggers say, "Hey Mark, Fuck You!"

Check out this article here that shows I'm not the only one who finds Hurd's cheshire tears over his "big" 20% pay cut.

One blogger says:

“Since when has making 1.9 Billion dollars nett profit in a little over 12 weeks been a legitimate excuse to cut the salaries of hundreds of thousands of people world wide? I would suggest never in a million years, Mark Hurd has revealed his true colors with this one.”

Well they forget who they're dealing with. It's no other than Mark Hurd. You know what we have to say about Mark and HP making billions (yes, that did say Billions!) and still sticking it to employees

Hey Mark, FUCK YOU!


  1. I agree. Fuck You Mark Hurd! Fucking asshole.

  2. Fuck you Mark Greedy PigBoy Turd and your band of rotten scoundrals. I hope you choke on your caviar! Yes indeed - fuck you Mark Hurd!

  3. Hurd , Rittenmyer, Liver for more all of you need a pay rise!!