Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Readers Say, "Fuck you Mark Hurd!"

Some FUMH readers have been posting comments about how they've been fucked over by The Turd.

Let's hear what they have to say...(my comments after in italics)

"... take that Mark - you greedy bastard, how about a dip in the pool or jacuzzi before bed - oh that's right, that is only for bastards like you. Take a real cut you prick!" (ed: this guy commenting on his "huge" 20% pay cut that is actually only 0.5%)

"LOL, hurdy turdy is wiping his ass with the 15% he announced Friday. FUMH!!!!!!! Makes me sick he is taking a 20% aka .5% in real world people terms pay cut. FUMH FUMH FUMH FUMH!!!!!!!!!!!" (ed: I love this one! Hurdy Turdy, what a fucking name for such a fucking prick!)

"FUCK.... Ohhh yea.....Im officially stressed the fuck out of how to afford toilet paper for my crapper...so fuck that and fuck MH again and he is a sissy bitch..ohhh that made me laugh....." (ed: Yeah, Fuck that sissy bitch MH! Makes me laugh too, especially about the TP, except that that fucker makes me cry. Hey Mark, did I mention this? "FUCK YOU!")

"Fuck you Mark Greedy PigBoy Turd and your band of rotten scoundrals. I hope you choke on your caviar!" (ed: Greedy PigBoy Turd? I like it!)

(and last but not least, my favorite one yet.....)

"This all makes me so mad. I'm gonna go in and take a big shit on Mark Hurd's desk. Take that Mark Turd!" (ed: If this guy does go take a big shit on Turd's desk, that would be the greatest thing ever! My Hero, Mr. Shit On Mark Hurd's Desk)

See you next time for another edition of How the World Turds, featuring the world's biggest mother-fucker, Mark Hurd.

Fuck You Mark!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Considering the number of obscene 4-letter words in this post ("MARK", "HURD") I hope it doesn't get shutdown.

  3. Funny you should talk about "shut down." Google just suspended this site for "inappropritate" language! And also for "anti-content." Well fuck yeah, I'm Anti-Fucking-Mark-Hurd. Lets get the fucking word out - isn't that what Google is for?!