Sunday, March 8, 2009

Web Site Disclaimer

This is a disclaimer that the views presented here are mine, and mine alone.

The view presented here basically amounts to one thing,


He fucked me by firing me. Now I'm gonna fuck him.

These views are not the views of his company. Or anyone in it.

They are mine.

I'd get over my anger if it wasn't so much fun.

The views contained in this blog are meant to promote the idea that when someone sees Mark Hurd, they should lean over to him and whisper in his ear:

"Hey Mark, FUCK YOU!"

Wall Street is doing it by the minute....might as well join in...


  1. Mark Hurd makes millions and probally jacks off in his million dollar crapper while thinking how he is next going to FUCK with middle class americans. Im glad for my 1st ammendment right to state "Fuck You mark hurd" and if it was not announced he wants to take another 15% from me in April maybe I could afford a $19.99 FUMH coffee mug.....FUCK.... Ohhh yea.....Im officially stressed the fuck out of how to afford toilet paper for my fuck that and fuck MH again and he is a sissy bitch..ohhh that made me laugh.....sissy bitch, sissy bitch...chicken dung eating sheep fucker..sissy bitch.

  2. LOL, hurdy turdy is wiping his ass with the 15% he announced Friday. FUMH!!!!!!! Makes me sick he is taking a 20% aka .5% in real world people terms pay cut. FUMH FUMH FUMH FUMH!!!!!!!!!!!