Monday, March 30, 2009

Another reason to Fuck You Mark Hurd

My memory stretches back to that poster on the wall of my friend's college dorm room, "365 Reasons to Party." It had a bogus excuse for those days that aren't built in parties, like St. Paddy's.

I always thought, "As if I need a reason!"

And so it is with Mark Hurd, aka Darth Turdar. No good news, no bad news. But still, people are walking out of jobs every day due to ol' Marky Mark Turdy.

Fuck that! And Fuck You Turdy!

Over at General Motors, they just shit-canned their CEO. Hey Obama, how about a little help here? This guy has fucked so many people.

From where I sit, I see the decline of HP. HP is a stone, and Hurdy Turdy is just squeezin' every little drop of profit out of it that he can! I give him another year, two tops. He runs off, hailed by Wall Street as the "Savior of Tech Giant HP." What will be left? Scraps. A shell of a former innovative powerhouse.

It'd be funny if it weren't so fucking sad. So Mark, you know what I'm talking about here. You know what you're doing. And, hey, just a shout out to ya to let ya know one thing, "Fuck You!"

Speakin' for the brotha's'n'sistah's @ hp....

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