Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fuck You Mark Hurd!


  1. Love it!!! FUMH!!! Thanks for making my kid quite college because I can no longer aford it. BTW, how is the $40 million salary coming along? Can I borrow some money? I will pay it back promise, just like I have been promised a raise the last 7 years and was always let down like a cheap lead laced chinese toy. FUMH! Be a real man and give everyone their pay back and take a bigger cut.

  2. Hey Mark fuck you! I fucked your wife too! She liked a guy who was a lot more "Randy" - and the much bigger dick went down a treat!

    Fuck you Mark!

  3. Hey Mark! Fuck you! Your company won't repair mine and THOUSANDS of nvidia-GPU defective laptops! You want to charge us money because everything started failing just out of a year's warranty! You aren't listening to the THOUSANDS of posts on HP's own Support forums!

    So, Mark, we give you a big FUCK YOU!


  4. Ex-HP employee from BracknellJune 12, 2009 at 6:55 AM

    Brilliant site! So, I'd just like to add my own observations. Mark Turd - FUCK OFF, YOU IGNORANT, UGLY, FAT, HIDEOUS BASTARD! Except I think that might be insulting to ignorant, fat ugly bastards. While I'm at it, FUCK OFF MARK TURD. Oh, and before I forget: MARK HURD - FUCK OFF AND LEAVE THE GOOD PEOPLE OF HP ALONE BEFORE WE FUCK YOU! Bastard.

    Thanks for the opportunity to tell the fat wanker where to go. Finally, MARK HURD - FUCK YOU AND FUCK OFF!

  5. FUMH!! Oh I love it! I can't believe HP is willing to treat their "valued" customers this way. I'm detailing my story at myHPnightmare.blogspot.com!

  6. Please, please, post more content. I look forward to making Mark look like a fuck.....scratch that he IS A FUCK. But I like to prove it to people anyway.

  7. Looks like things are getting a little out of date here... It is now August and we are getting fucked by Mark again. He's using job code conversion from EDS to HP to cut salaries again. I'm getting another 15% cut. I can't live on a now total of 20% cut since last year. Please someone buy my house and car before the bank takes them back.

  8. You need more new posts. Mark Hurd keeps fucking his employees, so you should keep saying "Fuck You Mark Hurd." I'm sure there are a ton of EDS employees who would love to join in a chorus of "Fuck You Mark Hurd."

  9. Mark freaking is at it again. Cut more jobs and guess what, I realized he got a 700% increase in salary from 2008 to 2009. My job is going to Mexico. Great. I am so tired of Hurd chewing his glasses everytime he speaks. He is so full of lies. The board members look like crooks also....AMAZING, another way to screw America and any workers for HP. The EDS folks really got screwed. Just makes me sick, but wait, 2010 will see higher salaries. I wonder if I can get a nice picture website like Mark and Ann. Oh wait, I am white trash and make too much even though I made this company thousands. No more, hopefully I will be out this week and guess what, that nice HP laptop everyone wanted...HA go buy a Dell or Acer. Whatever, he is full of lies and sweet talk. Amazing how many people suck this up and worship him. Whatever, I am done with playing the game. Time to live for me and live for the future.

  10. Can we get some FUMH t shirts??

  11. HP > Hurds Problems!
    shit HaPpens when a stupid tennis player tries to lead an IT company....

  12. Hey Mark. I work for EDS (not fuckwit HP Enterprise Services) and my home laptop just broke.

    Guess what I bought an Acer! With the salary you pay me! It's fucking Ace. I wouldn't buy a piece of shit HP machine after the way you've treated us.

    Going to buy an Epson printer tomorrow because the ink is a third of the price you charge, even in EEP.

    So stop spamming my inbox with fucking adverts. I am not going to buy anything off HP


  13. Dear Mark Hurd,

    I’m glad to have this blog to say how pig you are.
    I hope that u have a very good Christmas eve with your family in the Bahamas, while we, are sitting in the same fucking chair working for you to pay your deserved vacations.
    Here in ….. we are very pleased to inform you that too many employees are not going to have vacations, do you know why? Cause you have decided not to raise our salaries, ah, but besides that, a lot of kids are not going to have xmas gifts , but…I guess that you do not care about it, what for…if your kids are going to receive a…ummmm…a 2010 car…maybe ???
    Oh,But I have to say… THANK you, because you are going to help to lose weight….can u guess why?...BINGOOO!!...food is not going to be the main resource in our table this coming year!!!...But…WHY should you care about it…if u are going to enjoy a delicious banquette every single night.
    God Bless u for being that kind…
    I would like to let you know that I was planning to finish my college this year, that way I could go ahead giving HP my knowledge, but GUESS WHAT?? I CANT!!
    Do you want to continue playing “clues”….AJAAAA!!!...BECAUSE YOU HAVE DECIDED not to raise our salaries…but…why should you care about it, if ur kids are going to continue going to the school, pay for DADDYY…
    I have to many things to vent out…ummm…U don’t even dare to come to……cause u will not go back to ur mansion again…If u understand what I mean…
    Umm by the way…THANKS FOR THE “BONUS”…I would like to let you know what am I going to do with it.

    I’m going to put it into a bag, full of SHIT, and I will send it to you,…..I hope that you enjoy it.

    Oh Mark Hurd, you have won a LOT of ENEMIES here, mother fucker!!!

    With the highest regards,

    Ur dear employees

  14. FUMH from india u son of bitch!!

  15. IN 2 years didnt got 2 bugs hike ! so hell ya !

  16. Agree with all the comments above. No respect for people in HP.

  17. A perfect example of ARROGANCE and GREED. He certainly doesn't care about his employees, only about pleasing a very CORRUPT Wall Street and ensuing HE gets all the money. How does he sleep at night?The Company goal the last few years has been to save over $1B annually, which is only to assist HIM to get more money in his pocket. Thousand's of people have lost their jobs, their livelihood, their pride because of this asshole. How is this helping the economy? It's not, it's only helping this greedy asshole. We have the same goal in 2010 - reduce spending - which means reduce MORE head count, fire people, and those that are left are doing the jobs of two/three/four people without the salary to match. We're forced to work in tiny cubiciles, some employees are actually left without dedicated work space at all. If you do work from home office expenses/supplies (printer, paper, miscellaneous items) are all on your dime. At the office, we freeze to death while working in the winter and boil in the summer. No salary increase, MAYBE a laughable bonus if you're lucky and work 'til you drop. For what exactly??? What is it that he does that is worth $40M? Absolutely nothing. He is a robber dressed in $2,000 suites, and should be in jail and hopefully that will happen sooner than later. But that money BACK into the Company - build jobs here in the U.S., support the foundation of what this country was one all about and is now going away. Rules don't apply to this greedy bastard - another "do as I say, not what I do!" Corporate jets with dozens of global newspapers, spectacular meals served by private servers, whatever he wants. He doesn't even pay for his personal expenses -they're all expensed on the company! Gee, sorry Mark dear, are you truly worth all of this? I don't think so. Burn in hell asshole!

  18. eat shit and die mother fucker

  19. http://www.itworld.com/it-managementstrategy/109563/bulletin-hp-cut-9000-jobs-automate-enterprise-service-business

    HP to cut 9,000 jobs, automate enterprise service business

  20. And now........
    Gutting field service for a sell-off?
    Customers beware!

  21. HP CEO resigns after sex harassment investigation!

    Now the whole world knows how right we were about this dirty bastard!!!

    This is the happiest day of my life!

  22. Makes me happy too!!!

    Read about it on http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/ybenjamin/detail?blogid=150&entry_id=69602

    Filthy sex craved cheater... cheat on his wife and cheating on an expense report.

  23. sooo failed the headline test huh

  24. What's new for Romeo Moneybags?